Studio Jeffrey Heiligers
This home object generates energy through its movement and is inspired by the Cuckoo clock. Its well-known mechanism is self-sufficient in creating its own energy. By pulling the weights connected to the system and giving the pendulum a small push, kinetic energy is translated into an electrical current.

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Studio Jeffrey Heiligers

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Studio Jeffrey Heiligers

Home object that makes potential energy visible by giving it a simple push

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Studio Jeffrey Heiligers 
Posture changes the negative image of an ageing population, from people who are slowly making their way through life with a zimmer frame to independent, active and healthy people.

Studio Jeffrey Heiligers has created an alternative solution to combat desk Posture, with a shirt that's tailored to remind you of your slouch. 

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Studio Jeffrey Heiligers x BLACK.Bleach 
Inspired by the Fashion Manifesto of Lidewij Edelkoort; “How can a garment be cheaper then a sandwich?” the two designers started this initiative. The goal is to create awareness about the buying behaviour in our society and the impact it has on the environment. “We noticed that a lot of people do not make conscious purchases when they shop.” according to the founders Eva and Jeffrey. “With this platform we want to make them more aware of their buying behaviour and change this.”

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Luxurious Knitwear
by Studio Jeffrey Heiligers
All these items have been hand made out of
re-cycled or up-cycled materials.